A Chronological Revelation

ProphecysArchCoverwebby David Kidd. 242 pages. $21.95

If God wanted us to study the book of Revelation, why is it so hard to understand?

Maybe it is easier than it first appears. In these pages, you will begin a journey that takes you beyond a mere understanding of Revelation to encountering the very fabric with which God wove creation. In Revelation, all of the biblical prophecies, penned by numerous authors over hundreds of years, converge to reveal not only a clear picture of the end times, but the true author and his character. Through the beauty of this convergence, the author of the universe reveals his omnipotence, love, justice, and design for the ages.

Among the questions this book will answer:

How will we know when the end is coming upon us? Is the United States mentioned in prophecy? What is the order of events that will unfold? Will Christians be on earth during the reign of the Antichrist? What will happen if I'm alive during this time?

A Chronological Revelation makes no assumptions. It simply allows biblical prophecy to reveal the final events of our time, including the true nature and role of the countries that exist at the return of Christ. If you are counted among those privileged to experience this incredible period of history, it won't be easy. But in these pages, you will see God's plan in and through that time, empowering you to live for him no matter what challenges lie ahead.

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