Before God's Wrath: The Bible's Answer to the Timing of the Rapture

bgwcoversby H. L. Nigro. 360 pages. $18.95.

Classic, foundational text on the prewrath rapture

Have you ever wondered why the rapture as it is described on television, in books, in movies, and even from the pulpit, does not seem to match what you read in the Bible? Or why the teaching that Christians will be whisked to heaven without facing any of the persecution and testing of the Tribulation period does not seem to match the character of God as revealed in the scriptures?

There is a reason. It doesn't. The timing of the rapture clearly, repeatedly, and consistently taught in scripture is that Jesus will return to rapture the Church after the rise of the Antichrist, after the start of the Tribulation period, but before the Day of the Lord and God's wrath, not pretribulationally as many teach.

The implications for believers, both in their lifestyles and their individual relationships with God, are critical. This classic book, which has become the foundation for many believers' acceptance of the prewrath position, takes a look at the prewrath timing and the volume of scriptures that support this important doctrine for the rapidly approaching End Times. Although written to be understandable for all Christians, this book contains in-depth arguments and rebuttals to key pretribulation arguments suitable for use by pastors, prophecy teachers, and professors.

What's new in this edition?

  • Foreword addressing the question, "Is pretribulationism a text of orthodoxy?"
  • Expanded review of the development of modern eschatology, putting pretribulationism in its historical context.
  • Nearly two dozen charts, including those that provide clarification on the structure of Revelation.
  • New appendix: Oswald T. Allis — Do Parousia, Apocalypse, Epiphany Require Different Comings?
  • Appendix by Gary Vaterlaus that answers the question, "What did the church fathers believe about the coming Antichrist and the Tribulation?", letting the church fathers answer this question in their own words through substantive excerpts from the writings of key figures such as Justin Martyr, Tertullian, and Ireneaus.

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