Book Cover Creation

One of the most stressful parts of the self-publishing process is deciding how to produce the cover. Working with a professional designer can be very expensive, costing from $500 to $750 (or more).

To help authors bring down this cost, Strong Tower Publishing offers book cover creation services using templated cover designs that can be tweaked to your individual needs. To create your cover, Strong Tower Publishing will talk with you and scan the back cover copy and content of your book to get a sense of the most appropriate template to match the theme of your book. We will then provide you with two template options to choose from. If the cover template you select uses stock imagery, you can choose from a free stock image selected by Strong Tower Publishing or you can provide your own. Strong Tower Publishing will provide you with a high-resolution, four-color print-ready PDF.

Book cover creation is charged hourly ($50 per hour) and generally ends up costing the author between $150 and $250.

Interior Layout

Strong Tower Publishing can also lay out the interior of simple books (using installed fonts or designer fonts you authorize us to purchase for you) with subheads, charts, images, and headers using Microsoft Word. We're not trying to compete with book layout professionals using InDesign and QuarkXPress. We're just trying to provide an inexpensive alternative for smaller budgets.

Interior layout can often be done for around $250 for most simple books less than 200 pages.

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