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Antes de la Ira de Dios: La Respuesta Biblica Acerca del Momento en que Ocurrira el Arrebatamiento H. L. Nigro

Spanish translation of Before God's Wrath.

Before God's Wrath H. L. Nigro

One of the first and now classic defenses of the prewrath position. Includes detailed presentation of the prewrath rapture with extensive analysis in light of the pretrib position.

Chronological Revelation, A David Kidd

A look at how all of the end-times Scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation, can be integrated into a chronological view. Not classic prewrath, but an interesting and compatible look at prophetic fulfillment.

Fight, Flight, or Faith? Charles Cooper

Should the Antichrist arise in our generation, what should be our response? Written by the founder of The Prewrath Resource Institute, this book looks at the biblical answer.


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God's Elect and the Great Tribulation Charles Cooper

The first scholarly presentation of the prewrath position put forth by the founder of The Prewrath Resource Institute and one of position's most respected lecturers.

The Hope of Christ's Second Coming: How Is It Taught in Scripture and Why? Samuel P. Tregelles

First published in 1864, classic critique of the pretrib rapture written at the very time the pretrib rapture was being formed.

Know Therefore and Understand: A Biblical Explication of the First 69 Weeks of Daniel 9 T. T. Schlegel

Most Christians adhere to the view that the first 69 weeks of Daniel's 70 weeks prophecy were fulfilled with the crucifixion of Christ. Is there an alternate explanation?

The Parable of the Fig Tree Ryan Habbena

Powerful argument for relevance of the parable of the fig tree in the lives of modern believers, contrasting its relevance to futurist, historicist, and preterist positions.

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