Development & Substantive Editing, Rewriting, & Mentoring

Developmental / Substantive Editing & Rewriting

Copy editing is an important step to finalizing a manuscript and making it as professional as it can be, but it won't guarantee that a manuscript will read like a professionally written book. The quality of an author's writing, whether professional or unprofessional, will still shine through.

To help authors turn incomplete or draft versions of manuscripts into polished books, Strong Tower Publishing offers developmental/substantive editing and rewriting services. These services include light to heavy rewriting for transitions, smoothness, clarity, and style, as well as development of themes, addition of scriptural depth, improvements in organization and flow, and other adjustments to content.

These services are priced at an hourly rate of $40.

Strong Tower Publishing cannot give estimates on developmental or rewriting work without having first completed at least one chapter at the established rate. Based on the time required to complete the test chapter, we can then create an estimate for the rest of the book. These estimates are subject to change based on issues that arise during the editing process.


For some authors, mentoring is a better choice than developmental or copy editing. In the mentoring process ($40 per hour), we will do an in-depth analysis of the manuscript, provide feedback, suggestions, and work with you on a back-and-forth basis to bring your manuscript to the best level of which you are capable. Mentoring is a great process for authors who want to learn the craft of authoring rather than having someone do all of the work for them.

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