$40 per hour.

Book cover creation

Slick, professional covers customized using template-based software. Fast and inexpensive way to obtain a highly commercial cover. $150 – $250 range.

Interior layout

Basic layouts using Microsoft Word. Economical alternative to high-end page layout.

If Strong Tower Publishing will be working with a theological manuscript, it is our preference that we work only with those that adhere to certain basics of the Christian faith: that God exists in three Persons known as the Trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit), who are separate persons and yet are all equally One God; that Scripture is the final authority in the life and practice of the believer; and that salvation is found only through the atoning blood of Jesus Christ, through faith, by God's unmerited grace. Theological manuscripts adhering to any other doctrine will not be accepted for editing.

"I just have to compliment you again on what a wonderful job you did on the rewrite of Chapter 4. Your work is the best I've ever seen! You would be the first one I point people toward. I highly recommend you to anyone who wants editing. I thank God for using you and your gifts for His glory."

— Emily Edwards
Ready and Waiting: A Biblical Approach to Dating


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Editorial Services

In addition to offering its own, carefully selected titles, Strong Tower Publishing helps authors through the confusing process of self-publishing by offering a variety of pre-publishing services, such as manuscript evaluation, copy editing, and proofing, as well as rewriting, developmental editing, and mentoring. Services are offered for both theological and non-theological topics.

Before deciding on which service to use — especially for first-time authors — we recommend reading our short article, "Self-Publishing First Steps: Where Do I Start?" For authors who feel that their manuscripts are ready for professional editing and analysis, however, we offer the following services:

Manuscript Evaluation

Top level (skim and high-level analysis; $1 per 250-word page)

Detailed (detailed read of every page; $2 per 250-word page)

Copy Editing

$3–$4 per 250-word page. Mechanical editing, including punctuation, grammar, usage, and style.


$2 per 250-word page. For professional authors or previously edited books only.

Developmental / Substantive Editing & Rewriting

$40 per hour.

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