Fight, Flight, or Faith: How to Survive the Great Tribulation

FFFWebCover200by Charles Cooper. 252 pages. $19.95.

If the Great Tribulation occurs during your lifetime, what will you do? Where will you go? How will you respond?

As the Jewish People continue their national return to their ancestral homeland, tailors at the Temple Institute in Jerusalem's Old City began taking measurements of Kohanim (the priestly tribe designated to run the Temple services) earlier this month in anticipation of an even bigger event - the dedication of the Third Temple. - IsraelNationalNews.Com, July 8, 2008

This is an increasingly critical and relevant question. The desire to rebuild a Jewish worship site in Jerusalem is gaining momentum. The making of the priestly garments has been commissioned and is nearing completion. All the temple furnishings have been made and await consecration by a future high priest. All that remains to be completed is the physical structure itself.

As believers know, an unparalleled time of persecution by Satan and his Antichrist (commonly called "the Great Tribulation") will occur in connection with a future holy site in Jerusalem. Although not an alarmist, Charles Cooper is watching the rebuilding of the current site rise to a fevered pitch. What will happen if God calls upon our generation to be that final generation to face the "Great Tribulation"?

Fight, Flight, or Faith: Surviving the Great Tribulation answers that question. The book explores the different options that have been proposed. Some suggest that survival will come by physically fighting against the kingdom of darkness. Others believe that flight into the wilderness is the answer. Cooper concludes that physical resistance will prove futile and that modern technology makes hiding impossible.

In Fight, Flight, or Faith: Surviving the Great Tribulation, Cooper presents survival by faith as the only viable option to survival during the ÒGreat Tribulation.Ó In these pages, he defines biblical faith and concludes that the faith required to survive this terrible time is given to us all. You will want to get a copy of the book to discover God's solution for surviving the greatest persecution the Church will ever face.

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