God's Elect and the Great Tribulation: An Interpretation of Matthew 24:1-31 and Daniel 9

GETGWebCover150by Charles Cooper. 310 pages. $21.95.

The first scholarly defense of the prewrath position with few surprises

God's Elect and the Great Tribulation is the first scholarly defense of the pillars of the prewrath position put forth by one of the position's most well-respected lecturers. This is a must-read for any professor, lay teacher, or serious student of the end times.

The first section deals in-depth with the issue, "Does Matthew 24:1-31 apply to the Church?" Cooper examines what can be learned, both from the text and from the writings of the church fathers. On the issue of text, he looks at language, culture, book composition, issues dealing with the authorship of the gospel of Matthew, and much more.

On the issue of Daniel 9, he looks at issues related to times, event dating, and language, ultimately putting forth an unexpected interpretation of the fulfillment of the 69th Week.

This book has four goals: (1) to support the prewrath position in its conclusion that insisting on a sharp distinction between God's work in Israel and His work in the church is a false presupposition that directly contradicts scripture; (2) to support the prewrath position in its conclusion that Matthew 24:1-31 does apply to the church, the bride of Christ; (3) to set forth a clear biblical exposition of Matthew 24:1-31 and (4) to correct the false and misleading conclusions about both the timing and fulfillment of Daniel 9:24-27.

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