the end-times scriptures. When you call non-[view] "the enemies of truth," however, you work strongly against your goal. Those who hold other interpretations may be critical of your view, but all are fellow workers striving for the gospel. "Enemies of truth" are those who work against the gospel, and when you characterize your brethren, your fellow workers in the field, as "enemies of truth" simply because they disagree with your end-times interpretation, this is terribly short-sighted. In itself, this can create resistance to your message. Show respect for diversity of opinion of your brethren, your fellow laborers in the work of Christ, and your message will shine through more clearly.

Author: I was specifically referring to those critics of [view] who wrote articles in . . . They are the ones who called us names worse than “enemies of the truth.” They called us damnable heretics and other such derogatory and inflammatory names. They are indeed enemies of the truth.

People such as yourself are (obviously) not enemies of the truth. You simply need to re-read the context of my statements to discern who I was talking about. Jesus used pretty stiff language against the scribes and Pharisees and Sadducees of his day, who were enemies of the truth. Apostle Paul called the High Priest at his trial a “whitewashed wall.” If they are guilty as charged, and the label fits, then it is not inappropriate to give them the label. It should not be done lightly or flippantly or without biblical justification.

H. L.: I suppose one must define "truth" in the phrase "enemies of truth." If "truth" is defined exclusively, in this context, as eschatological truth, then I understand the use of the phrase. But the phrase is not qualified, and when it is not qualified, the implication is "enemies of gospel truth." I know what you intend. But it comes across differently. Whether these men use inappropriate language against those of your view, I don't know, but we aren't to return evil for evil.

It struck me how you say that you strive for [view] to be seen as a viable option for end-times interpretation. Yet, it seems that, if scholars disagree, they are enemies of truth. Is there a double standard here? Or is there a willingness to see all of the major views as valid options. We simply stand on our own view and defend it, while still respecting that other views are valid, as well. We simply don't agree with them.

If [view] strives to be accepted as conservative and mainstream, I wonder if the key proponents offer the same respect to the holders of other views the way they desire to be given?

Author: We defenders of [view] have bent over backwards and stood on our heads to gain a hearing for the eschatological truth, only to be stabbed in the back, called every blasphemous name in the book, and excommunicated at their first opportunity. Yes, we have given them their due respect, and they have not reciprocated.

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February 2009

Prophecy Quote to Note

“Revelation is not as difficult as you may think it is. It's only difficult if you don't know the Old Testament. That's what makes it difficult.” - Dr. James Jordan, Director, Biblical Horizon Ministries


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Watch Your Tongue! Critique of the Prophecy Movement

Several years ago, I wrote a “Talkin' Rapture” column called “The Arrogance of Prophecy,” calling for greater humility and civility in the prophecy movement. Unfortunately, that same call needs to continue to go out today.

There is a fine line between “standing for truth” and arrogance. There is a passion among proponents of all views-including, unfortunately, the prewrath view-that can quickly morph into a condescending and insulting tone, especially when that view is questioned. That condescending tone can quickly turn to biting insults. I cannot tell you how many times I've heard people justify their viscous words against their brethren based on Jesus' attacks on the Pharisees. That we, humble servants of the Lord who are called to “esteem one another greater than ourselves” could turn so quickly on one another like a pack of hyenas pains me deeply.

Recently, I had a dialog with the proponent of another view that took this unfortunate turn. I will not identify the view or the person involved, but I wanted to share the exchange as a warning for the rest of us. Let us not follow this example.

The exchange started when I read this individual referring to critics of this position as “the enemies of Truth”-capital “T.” I immediately sent the author an email. The exchange follows.

H. L.: I know that your heart is to spread [view] as a valid interpretation of

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