August 2009

New PREWRATH TITLE! The Parable of the Fig Tree

“Now learn the parable from the fig tree: When its branch has already become tender and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near; so, you too, when you see all these things, recognize that he is near, right at the door.” (Matthew 24:32, 33)

Have you learned the parable of the fig tree?

If not, you are commanded by Jesus to learn this lesson. End-times speculation and scenarios continue to flood the land. How are we to discern the true markers of Christ’s return from the false? The Lord has announced the signs and conditions that will herald His return. We are called to read and pay attention. He Himself warned us: “Take heed; behold, I have told you everything in advance” (Mark 13:23).

In this book, pastor and teacher Ryan Habbena explores the scripture’s primary texts regarding the second coming of Jesus Christ and the events that surround this glorious event. By taking the reader through the Olivet Discourse, the books of Daniel and Revelation, and the Thessalonian epistles, Habbena teaches how we should learn and apply the “parable of the fig tree” in order to be watching and well prepared for the return of the King of Kings.

Unlike other books from a prewrath perspective, Habbena approaches the topic from the context of the Olivet Discourse and the other scriptural texts that bear directly upon it. He also regularly contrasts, and argues for, the issue of the applicability of the parable to the modern church in contrast to two other, highly divergent viewpoints, pretribulationism and preterism.

The framework of contrasting the prewrath viewpoint with both pretribulationism and preterism is, we believe, unique to Habbena. We are not aware of any other authors or prophecy teachers taking this approach. This makes The Parable of the Fig Tree a truly unique contribution to the prophecy enthusiast's bookshelf.

Habbena is the pastor of preaching and teaching at Conquering King Fellowship in St. Paul, MN. The Parable of the Fig Tree sells for $18.95.

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Prewrath Conference Report

The Second Annual Prewrath Conference was held in Eau Claire, Wisconsin from July 16-18, 2009. Speakers were Charles Cooper, Alan Kurschner, and Anton Verdam from Amsterdam. It was a great time of fellowship while hearing urgent exhortations from the scriptures pertaining to the end of the age.

Charles taught on the central precepts of his most recent book Flight, Fight, or Faith: How to Survive the Great Tribulation. Throughout three sessions, Coop explained how both fighting and taking flight are not

practical or scriptural options. Instead, faith is the only biblical response.

Alan explored the central tenets of the prewrath position through three sessions. Particular attention was paid to the biblical concept of the “day of the Lord” and how understanding this event helps inform us regarding the timing of the rapture. He also demonstrated the compelling links between the Olivet Discourse and the Thessalonians epistles. Alan showed how the language of the Thessalonians epistles helps us understand that the rapture is being described in Matthew 24:30-31. (As he noted, "If it looks like the rapture, and smells like the rapture, it probably is the rapture!")

Finally, Pastor Anton Verdam provided great insight into the reality of persecution by presenting teachings from the ministries of both Corrie ten Boom and Brother Andrew. Both Alan and Coop spoke of several matters (books, events, etc.) that are on the horizon for the further articulation and spread of the prewrath view.

Overall, the conference highlighted the need stay rooted in the scriptures and strive for faithfulness to prepare for what will soon come to pass. May the Lord give us the grace and power to do so.

— Ryan Habbena, Signet Ring Ministries


New Prewrath Resources and Book

We just received this email from Wayne Croley of Prophecy Insights. We have not checked out these resources ourselves, but we are passing along the information to you.

I just launched a Bible prophecy website that supports thePre-Wrath Rapture viewpoint called Prophecy Proof Insights. The research on my website is very different becauseit incorporates information from sources few Bible prophecy researchers knowexist with what we know about Bible prophecy from a prewrath perspective.

I also just uploaded a free book I self-published called Prophecy Proof Insights of the Future on Scribd. The book is only been out for a coupleof days, yet it is doing quite well. Itmade Scribd’s list of hottest books for the Religion/Spirituality section withvirtually no promotion.

Go to Prophecy Proof Insights.

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