September 2009

Book Printing ESPRESSO Machine: Books Printed While You Wait

Book printing while you wait? It's a reality. Already, Strong Tower Publishing is working toward a zero inventory model (all books ordered through Amazon and other online and brick-and-mortar retailers) are printed on demand, as they are ordered.

Now, you can go into a select handful of retail sites and actually print books, including all Strong Tower Publishing titles, while you wait. Called the Espresso Book Machine, this is like a kiosk for books. You simply walk up, pay with a credit card, select your book, wait while it prints, and out it comes. The same quality as if you had ordered it through a bookstore.

Is there an Espresso Book Machine near you? Locations, as reported by On Demand Books, the manufacturer of the machine, can be found on the last page of this newsetter.


Prewrath Church Additions

Sun Valley Baptist
9901 Mccombs
El Paso, TX 79924
Pastor Jack C. Berg
Hope Bible Church
Pastor Steve Hogan
(813) 968-6699
Tampa FL

New Prewrath Book

I was wondering if it would be possible to have my book listed on your web site? It is called Daniel's 70th Week and can be found on my website or on It is based on the prewrath rapture position.


Nancy A. Burgen


Prewrath Conference to Be Held in Minnesota

Signet Ring Ministries will hold a prewrath conference held in Bloomington, MN, on November 7th. The title of the conference is "Watch: Becoming Battle Ready for the Last Days."

This conference will center around how specifically we are to watch for the return of Christ. Not only will the sequence of end times events be

explored, but particular attention will be payed to how we are called to live in light of these teachings.

Speakers will be Ryan Habbena (author of The Parable of the Fig Tree), Charles Cooper (author of God's Elect and the Great Tribulation and Fight, Flight, or Faith) and Alan Kurschner (author of the forthcoming A Case for the Prewrath Rapture).

Cost for the conference is $35.00 (meal included).

Visit for more information and registration.


Responses to Reader Questions: Books on the Millennium

Q: Can you recommend a good book on the Millennium? I have "The Coming Kingdom of Christ" (1945) by Evangelist John R. Rice, which was written from a pretrib point of view. Even so, I think much of his material about the Millennium is valid. But I would like to read something from a prewrath viewpoint.

Thank you for all the good work you are doing. Since I don't personally know anyone who believes in the prewrath position, websites like yours are very encouraging to me.

A: Glad to be an encouragement! That’s why we’re here. I don't know any prewrath books on this topic, but you might check the PrewrathOnly board on Yahoo!. The link to the board can be found on the Prewrath Resources page (found on the left-hand links list on the home page) or you can go to Yahoo! Groups and search on PrewrathOnly (one word). There more than 400 members now (so it’s a great place for fellowship, too), and if there is a prewrath book on the Millennium out there, someone there is likely to know about it. If there is, let me know, okay?

Q: Great to read your newsletter recently. I’ve a comment on the Preterism which sounds reasonable ,especially when R.C. and Hank are involved but I don’t get Jesus intent of his coming in his kingdom meaning overthrowing the temple 60 A.D. It helps to explain the not tasting of death tothe hearer’s but not the coming in his kingdom in general. Is there another resource you know of that would help explain all this?

("I tell you the truth, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom"(Matt. 16:28). This "coming in the kingdom," they say, refers to His judgment coming against Jerusalem, not His second coming against the world. )

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