December 2008

  • New Title From Charles Cooper: “How to Survive the Great Tribulation”
  • Upcoming Price Change on “God's Elect and the Great Tribulation”
  • Strong Tower Publishing Now Takes Credit Cards
  • What Are Others Reading?
  • Reader Question: Questioning the Rebuilt Third Temple

October 2008

  • God's Elect and the Great Tribulation Released
  • Order From Strong Tower Publishing Get Discounted Shipping
  • As Stocks Tumble, What Are You Reading?
  • Are We Living in the End Times?

August 2008

  • Major Revision to God's Elect and the Great Tribulation
  • What Are Other Readers Reading?
  • Responses to Reader Questions

July 2008

  • Prewrath Church in Minnesota
  • New Cover for 'Hope of Christ's Second Coming'
  • What Are Other Readers Reading?
  • Responses to Reader Questions
  • Prewrath Church in Pennsylvania
  • Musings on Loss of Tim Russert
  • Support Strong Tower Publishing FOR FREE!
  • How Can Christ “Slay” the Antichrist in the Middle of the 70th Week?
  • Responses to Reader Questions

April 2008

  • Evangelism Update: God in Ancient China
  • Before God's Wrath E-Book Now Available
  • Strong Tower Publishing Reselling The Prewrath Chart
  • Responses to Reader Questions

March 2008

  • Matthew 24 and Luke 21-Different Teachings?
  • Large-Format Prewrath Chart/Poster Available
  • New Prewrath Church Added to the List
  • Responses to Reader Questions
  • Movie Reviews Archive

February 2008

  • Prewrath Conference Update
  • Is the Great Winepress Armageddon?
  • New Prewrath Speaker Added
  • Book Review: “Lamb of God and the Seven-Sealed Scroll”
  • Website Updates: E-Newsletter Archive, Rapture Recommends Updated

January 2008

  • New Title! First Scholarly Defense of Prewrath, by Dr. Charles Cooper
  • New Title! New Look at the Great Winepress
  • Prewrath Supplants Mid-Trib in Zondervan Book
  • Prewrath Church Additions
  • Responses to Reader Questions

December 2007

  • Looking for Christmas Gifts? Try Revelation Jewelry
  • Responses to Reader Questions

November 2007

  • H. L.'s Shameless Political Plug
  • A New Thought on the Word 'Church' in Revelation
  • Responses to Reader Questions

October 2007

  • New Prewrath Book Available
  • Timing of the Two Witnesses
  • Responses to Reader Questions

September 2007

  • Previous Newsletters Archive Now Available
  • New Prewrath Churches & Bible College Added
  • Prewrath as the Unifying View of Prophecy, by Cameron Fultz
  • Responses to Reader Questions
  • “If You Only Watch One Movie This Year,” by Dave Bussard

August 2007

  • New Prewrath Church Added to the List
  • Is the Day of the Lord 12 Hours?
  • Responses to Reader Questions

May 2007

  • The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church Back in Print
  • The Arrogance of Prophecy
  • Responses to Reader Questions

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