Prophecy's Architecture: How to Build an End-Times Doctrine

ProphecysArchCoverwebby Cameron Fultz. 158 pages. $14.95

What if you were to build biblical doctrine like a house? With the foundation first? You might be surprised!

With so much debate these days over the timing and sequence of end-times events, is there any hope of believers settling issues like the start of the 70th Week, the Second Coming of Christ, and the rapture of the Church in their own minds? The answer is unequivocally yes.

Cameron Fultz, an end-times prophecy teacher and architect by trade, argues that, like a well-designed building, a biblical doctrine—any biblical doctrine—must start with a good foundation. This foundation must be built using the clearest, most explicit verses that directly address the subject at hand. On this foundation, we lay the secondary verses to add depth to the interpretation, followed by the tertiary verses, which layer on beauty and fine detail.

In these pages, Fultz outlines this methodology, then uses it to build a doctrine on the issue of end-times timing and sequence. He starts by listing all of the verses that address the subject, both directly and indirectly, then builds the doctrine piece-by-piece. Using simple logic and precision, combined with abundant charts for easy comprehension, Fultz illustrates how, like a well-designed building, good biblical exegesis results in a precise, trustworthy result.

Prophecy's Architecture will challenge those who are already committed to or unsure about today's ready-made explanations, and give others who donÕt know what they believe a systematic method for discovering answers for themselves.

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