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Prewrath Discussion Group

Have questions about the prewrath rapture? Join this prewrath-only discussion group and post your questions, answer other believers' questions, and be ministered to by Godly discussion. Moderators are Ron Wallace of the Bible Fragrances website and H. L. Nigro, author of Before God's Wrath: The Bible's Answer to the Timing of the Rapture.

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Prewrath Blog

The Pre-Wrath Tribune, by Dave Bussard (author of Who Will Be Left Behind and When?)

Prewrath Resource Institute, Inc.

P.O. Box 783065

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Prewrath Churches

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Prewrath Books & Prewrath Variants

There has been an explosion of books on the market claiming to be written from the prewrath position. But which are classic prewrath and which are not? Visit our prewrath book page.

Prewrath Speakers

Looking for someone to speak at your church or conference on the subject of prewrath? Check out our list here.

Prewrath Bible Colleges

Often supported by prewrath churches. Check out our list here.

Recommended Rapture Titles

In addition to our own titles, there are a number of other titles we recommend to round out your prophecy library, including titles defending other positions and some key study resources. Check out our list here.

Reviews of End-Times Titles

As we get time, we review both traditional and self-published books on a variety of prophecy topics, both prewrath and on other positions, and post them places like Amazon, as well as on our site. Check out our reviews.

Talkin' Rapture Column

Columns written by H. L. Nigro, author of Before God's Wrath, and several guest columnists. Talkin' Rapture has been discontinued and columns transferred to the newsletter (below).

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