Touching the Soul

TouchingSoulby R. g. Wallace, 96 pages, 91 poems. $12.95 Now $10.95 (moving out excess inventory)

Prewrath pastors can be poets, too!

In this deeply personal collection of poems, R. g. Wallace uses simple, expressive language to explore a wide variety of subjects touching the most universal of human experiences — love, loss, war, anguish, joy, laughter, and faith. The simplicity, sincerity, and breadth of this collection brings the power and beauty of poetry to even those new to this genre.

"Truth is hard to come by and R. g. Wallace nails it on the head. His gift for simplicity in complex themes makes his poetry reach into you, stirring up the soil of your heart, and as one of his poems states, leaves a bit of the poet behind." — A.P. Fuchs, author of The Hand I've Been Dealt

"R.g. Wallace offers up his own heart and soul in this beautiful collection of introspective works. A man of few, well-chosen words, each stanza possesses depth of meaning and wastes not a syllable. The poetry in Touching the Soul will have you turning inward and examining your own soul in the candlelight Wallace illumines through his deeply moving and reflective poems. Initially I began to select favorites as I read. Soon it, became apparent that this collection contains not just a select few but many contemplative pieces that will touch readers everywhere. I predict that Wallace will become known as a true poet of substance for the 21st century." — Tina L. Miller, author of When A Woman Prays

"R. g. Wallace demonstrates his gift of verse and his insight on life in this wonderful collection of poems. His effective use of words and varying styles and themes will appeal to all; every reader is sure to find something that reaches into their soul and touches their heart." — Gary Vaterlaus, national instructor, Sola Scriptura

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