Who Will Be Left Behind and When?

lbcoversby Dave Bussard. 164 pages. $12.95.

Prewrath for non-scholars — simple language, simple presentation for everybody

With tensions in the Middle East at an all-time high, the threat of terrorism on our very doorsteps, and the move toward global government picking up momentum, Christians are more than ever showing an increased interest in prophecy. This is evidenced by the enormous popularity of end-times fiction books, such as the Left Behind series. We are asking questions such as: Who is the Antichrist? When will the tribulation begin? Will believers in Christ be rescued before the terrible persecution of Antichrist? Are there any signs that will indicate that the Coming of Christ is near?

In Who Will be Left Behind and When?, Dave Bussard takes us back to the Bible to examine what it teaches on the end times and the rapture of the Church. Written in an easy-to-read style, Who Will be Left Behind and When? critically examines the teaching of the pretribulation theory of the rapture that is the foundation of the Left Behind series. Mr. Bussard explores the books of Daniel, Matthew, 1 and 2 Thessalonians and the Revelation, and succeeds in building a solid case for the timing of the rapture.

But this is far from another dry book on eschatology. Rather, Who Will be Left Behind and When? contrasts the prewrath position with the familiar language and imagery drawn from best-selling co-author of the Left Behind series, Tim LaHaye. In the end, it is a wake-up call to believers to examine what they believe and to realize the vital importance of our understanding of Christ's return. Our doctrine does influence our practice, and this is true in the area of eschatology. A proper understanding of the return of Christ affects not only our present spiritual walk, but will have profound consequences for those who will face the final days of this age.

"I highly recommend Who Will be Left Behind and When? for all who love the Word of God, no matter your eschatological persuasion. Read it with your Bible open and your mind engaged, and I know you will be challenged and encouraged."
Gary Vaterlaus Instructor,
Biblical Research and Education
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